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What is Kettlebell Sport?

Kettlebell Sport is a sport unlike any other currently in the world today. Kettlebell Sport is a strength – endurance sport where the athlete will be under load for a duration of 10 minutes. Donica Storino knows all about it… she’s a master after all.

The kettlebell athlete is expected to complete a maximum number of repetitions with a submaximal load. Efficiency and technique are extremely crucial to optimize your repetitions, heart rate, pacing and endurance within a 10 minute time frame.

Sounds easy right? Only 10 minutes, that’s not too bad… here’s the catch, you are only allowed one hand switch in your 10 minute set.

The kettlebell cannot touch the platform or be put down during your 10 minute set. Here are few other factors that make this sport challenging if you do optimize what I will teach you in this course. Grip fatigue, banging of the forearm, elevated heart rate, hand tears and frustration.

A Short History

kettlebell sport

In Russia dating back to the early 1700’s the kettlebell was used to measure grains. It wasn’t long before they started to use this tool as a way to show off strength among the men. This eventually led to the early development of kettlebell exercises.

While lifting kettlebells was a way test of strength among the men in Russia, the competitive kettlebell exercises for men and women we use today were not developed until the time of the Soviet Army, where kettlebells were used to help condition soldier’s strength and build fitness for war.

The competitive nature of kettlebell history developed after World War II in Russia becoming known as Girevoy Sport.

Eventually, it made its way to the United States in the late 1990s.

The Lifts

The snatch | 10 minutes. Score is number of repetitions competed within the time frame.

The biathlon | 10 minute Jerk set. 10 minute Snatch set. Score is calculated by adding the number of Jerk repetitions to half the number of Snatch repetitions.

The long cycle | 10 minutes. Score is number of repetitions competed within the time frame.



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Donica Storino

Donica Storino has competed Nationally and Internationally in Kettlebell Sport, receiving 9 Gold Medals including 6 Master of Sport International Class and 3 Master of Sport. She’s a dedicated athlete and coach who publishes much of her training courses online with the Fizikel company.

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