Rugged S&C Workout E

The Rugged S&C Workout E routine first appeared in Issue #1. The Rugged S&C Workout E routine is a strength and conditioning-focused kettlebell workout using two circuits with nine exercises total.

Workout Instructions

The following workout features nine exercises in two circuits. Perform all exercises one after the other without rest until all reps of each round are complete. Rest 1 to 2 minutes between rounds.

Workout Specs

Spec Value
Ability Focus Strength and Conditioning
Equipment Kettlebell(s) or Sandbag
Body Focus Full Body

Workout Sets/Reps

Set Exercise Rounds x Reps/Time
A1: Run 1 x 800 METER
A2: Power Clean and Press 1 x 30 REPS
A3: Run 1 x 400 METER
A4: Power Clean and Press 1 x 20 REPS
A5: Farmer Walk with Kettlebells 1 x 200 METER
A6: Power Clean and Press 1 x 10 REPS
A7: Rack Walk with Kettlebells or Sandbag 1 x 100 METER
B1: Turkish Get Up with Kettlebell or Sandbag 5 MIN AMRAP (Alternate Each Rep)

Travis Stoetzel

Travis Stoetzel is a certified strength and conditioning coach who owns and operates The Forged Athlete Gym in Omaha NE. He uses a blend of unconventional training methods via sandbags, kettlebells, and bodyweight mixed with in traditional barbel and dumbell training to help improve athletic performance and physique enhancement. His clientele range from crazy weekend warriors, high school athletes, mma fighters, military personnel, all the way up to Olympic caliber wrestlers. You can find out more info about Travis and his aggressive strength methods at &